Be a Holder of GLORY

Get many benefit from being GLORY token’s holder.

GLORY Features

GLORY token holders will be able to utilise the following activities:


Staking (Coming Soon)

Staking will be a feature coming soon to the Chain Lords website. This will allow you to participate in governance (voting in the direction of chain lords and management of the treasury) but will also allow you to gain generous staking rewards

Titles/Tiers of status in Chain Lords

As part of becoming a Chain Lord you get a voice inside the Chain Lord DAO. One Glory token equals one vote. However in the future their will be additional benefits and privileges for those that gain titles within the Chain Lords. These titles will be awarded to Lords depending on the amount of Glory they have.

The levels required for each title are the following :


The allegiance and commitment of these members are untested and untrusted, as such they are not granted the rank of lord nor membership within the Guild.

Lord Brawler

With natural and raw ability, the Brawler relies on ferocity, toughness and strength to win fights.

Lord Warrior

The Warrior is a brave and trained member of the Guild, often utilising their significant knowledge of metaverse combat skill and warfare intuition, these Lords make up the bulk of Guild forces.

Lord Knight

Standing out in the Guild the Knight is a proven and tried soldier, their service to the Guild the proof of their continued commitment. Brave, intelligent, and powerful the Knight leads his fellow Lord Warriors and Brawlers to victory within the Metaverse.

Lord Marshal

The Lord Marshal at the behest of the ruling council and higher ranks, has the ability to assemble and arrange other low ranked Guild members. It is their role to wage economical, industry, or in game engagement and help achieve success and consolidate glory to the guild.

Lord Commander

Commanders as their name would suggest are the key to command and control. Their knowledge, experience and personality are critical to Guild success and without such victory is rarely achieved. Heading various teams within the Guild community they ensure other Lords adhere to the ethos of the Guild.

Banner Lord

Tasked with waging the war of expansion within the Metaverse, these fearsome Lords are not to be trifled with. Often possessing significant experience within the Crypto world, the Banner Lords ensure the Guild continues to grow and are often found managing the exploration of potential worlds and games the Chainlords can populate within the Metaverse.

War lord

The Warlords contrary to their name are not only representative of the Guild’s military power, but are also trusted to utilise economical and political control to help govern regions and other Sub-Daos within the Chain Lord eco-system. Their possession of GLORY indicate their commitment to the Guild’s success and as such they are granted the respect worthy of those who would serve the Guild’s interest.

Arch Lord

The Arch Lords as their names suggest is the starting point of the highest ranking trifecta of Lords. Their experience and commitment to the Guild has been proven and as such their influence in guild decisions is proportionate to their GLORY.

Over Lord

With great influence, authority and power the Overlord is a Lord of Lords. A rank not easily achieved the Overlord is able to wield influence and authority second only to the Grand Lords themselves. An Overlord possesses the standing and GLORY to significantly affect the direction and governance of the DAO and its members.

Grand Lord

The Grand Lord is one of the head rulers of the circle of Lords, the ruling council, a  Grand Master amongst peers. Wielding absolute authority and the epitome of the pinnacle of power, the Grand Lord, outranked by none and wielding their GLORY, plays a key role in shaping the fate of the Guild itself within the Metaverse.

The levels required for each title are the following:

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